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Investigator Meeting of the WHITE Study, Moscow (Russia), 29th March 2018

The first Investigator Meeting took place in Moscow (Russia) on 29th March 2018.

The Russian Meeting was organized by Prof. Barinov (Russian National Coordinator) and 20 Principal Investigators of Russia’s centers were present. Important contributors of the meeting were Prof. Palareti (President of Arianna Anticoagulazione Foundation and Core Team member) and Prof. Sokurenko (Core Team member). The Meeting aimed to present and explain the study protocol and train the Investigators on the proper management of the e-CRF used for data collection.

The Arianna Anticoagulazione Foundation is a private, non-profit institution created to improve the outcomes of anticoagulant and/or antithrombotic agent therapies by increasing knowledge on their characteristics and correct usage by the healthcare professionals involved, by fostering a more deeply informed, more conscious and appropriate use by citizens-patients, as well as by providing support to families and carers.
The overall objectives of the Arianna Anticoagulation Foundation are achievable — within available resources — through various micro-objectives, which include:

  • Support of clinical research, preferably aimed at the evaluation of the drugs’ effect and their real-life practical management;
  • National and international dissemination of clinical research outcomes ;
  • Deepening and diffusion of available knowledge on the subject among professional resources, as well as through updates on novel scientific evidence at international level;
  • Contribute to the continuous training of healthcare professionals on the subject of health and social services;
  • Provide technically valid answers to possible questions from the healthcare professionals;
  • Provide patients and their care givers with the necessary knowledge on the characteristics of these treatments, correct instructions for a proper usage and for the prevention of complications;

The Foundation’s founders are:
AIPA-Bologna (The Bologna-Section of Italian Association of Anticoagulated Patients) and Professor Gualtiero Palareti





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